Summer Program

Each and every summer Children's Academy becomes alive with the fun and activities provided for School-aged children.  For years, the staff has been proud of the involvement that they have with the children during the summer.  Children's Academy provides a warm and loving environment while involving children in creative and exciting adventures. Our school is especially in tune with what parents and children desire during summer months.  Due to her creative skills and with assistance from her staff, Children's Academy has become a leading child care center in Central Ohio.

 All of the summer programs at Children's Academy are


 The child just needs to be an enrolled student and the rest is taken care of!  There are at times minimal field trip charges for snacks etc. These costs are usually around $2.00 per child.   The big costs are taken are by the school. Think how much you would spend to have your child participate in additional summer camps.  These activities are included with your child's enrollment! 

The school age program is geared towards children in the age groups of Kindergarten to 12 years old.  There are special activities that promote group participation such as field sports and field trips to various destinations such as the The Ohio Village, Al's Popcorn Factory, Slate Run Farms & The United Skates of America!

The children are rewarded for good behavior through being able to "buy" treats at the "Beach Shack".  The "Beach Shack" is a surfer inspired building in the heart of the Children's Academy outdoor play area.  The children are served treats such as cotton candy, snow cones, and popcorn.  Once a week, each classroom gets the opportunity to go to the Beach Shack and reward the children for their good behavior. 

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