Elementary Program

Children's Academy provides Kindergarten as an alternative to public schools. Tuition assistance is available. The kindergarten program licensed by the Ohio Department of Education and are accredited which meet and exceed standards set by ODE.  Our school is also an EdChoice School which provides a choice for parents whose child is attending an under performing public school the opportunity to attend participating private schools. 

The program is full of exciting, hands-on learning materials with a creative curriculum that focuses on developing reading, writing, and math skills.   Library field trips, music instruction, and computer skills are incorporated into the learning environment. Individual instruction with small class enrollment, allow for children to learn at a pace and understanding that is comfortable for each of their abilities. 

Many of the children are already familiar with their classroom surroundings at Children's Academy and with their teachers.  Due to the familiarity, children have an easier transition from preschool to kindergarten.

Meet the kindergarten teacher:
Mrs. Raina Grady obtained the Certificate of Child Care and Special Education in Hong Kong.  She moved to the United States and graduated from Muskingum College in 1993.  She became the kindergarten teacher at Children's Academy in 1995.  Each year Raina takes the opportunity of going to workshops, attending teacher's conferences, or taking classes at college in order to keep up to speed on learning new teaching skills. Raina says that she enjoys working at Children's Academy and with the children. "I've always tried different ways to encourage the little ones to learn.  It always amazes me, as a teacher, how the students progress through out the year.  My goal is to bring out the best of each student and help each one of them to believe on themselves."

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